Mission and Guiding Principles

The Maine Bike Rally promotes safe bicycling in Maine by offering an affordable annual family friendly weekend getaway. The Maine Bike Rally is for the “fun of cycling” allowing cyclists to experience Maine with its scenic destinations, culture and cuisine. The rally is facilitated by the Maine Bike Rally organization with an outreach to local community organizers, biking enthusiasts and businesses.

Guiding Principles

The Maine Bike Rally’s mission is accomplished by the following guiding principles:

I. Provide organizational and logistical support for a multi-day weekend event.

II. Provide leadership to a variety of bicycling destinations of various distance and pace to allow for the participation by riders with different abilities.

III. Provide capabilities and support of various methods of local hospitality and cuisine We should further define benefits and methodologies

IV. Provide engaged dialog with the local community at large and their leadership to develop awareness of the event and bicycling in general.

V. Provide a financial funding model that is designed to be self-supporting and not one of significant fundraising for the organizing group(s).

Every aspect of the work done to develop and support the Maine Bike Rally each year should align with one or more of the guiding principles.