Volunteer Position Description

Setup: Put up tables, tents, signage, help with whatever is required. If you can’t carry heavy loads, there are light-load jobs.

Registration and Information Desk: Follow registration procedure that will be provided and taped to registration table: Each rider signs waiver form, fills out medical info card. Remind rider to wear helmet, no cleats in building, etc. Orient each rider to camping area, fairground, etc. Give them bracelet for meals. Friendly, welcoming, thanks for coming to the Bike Rally! Cross-train with Volunteer Registration people.

Volunteer Check-in: Check off volunteers, orient them to where they will volunteer and at what time. Give them name tags, smile, thanks for helping out. Cross-train with Registration and Information Desk people.

Drop-off Parking: Talk to motorists. Tell them where to park. Answer questions. Direct people to campsite area. Watch people’s stuff if they unload and then go park.

Campsite Setup Concierge: Monitor people’s stuff when they go park. If you don’t know answers, direct people to Information Desk. Advise people on where to set up their tents.

Ice Cream Scoopers: A sticky, fun job that makes everybody happy.  When professional scoopers are present this job will be more at setup/clean up and general assistance.

Monitor: Walk around, answer questions, keep things neat. Help out where needed.

Set Up for Evening Program: Help do what is needed: set up chairs, take down chairs, put up signs.

Take Down/Maintenance/Cleanup: Take down tables, tents, signage, help with whatever is required. If you can’t carry heavy loads, there are light-load jobs.

Various Volunteers: Help things stay organized, direct people to what line to get in, etc.

Rally Photographer: We would like a nice variety of photos of the Maine Bike Rally to use for documenting the event and for future publicity. The photographer should have his or her own digital camera. He or she will work under the direction of Rally Coordinator/Organizers and will provide full resolution images to the Maine Bike Rally Organization as soon as possible for follow-up publicity in.  File transfer by dropbox is preferred.

Desired photos:
• Group shots of rides beginning
• Close ups of riders posing with bikes, friends,!etc. at the ride beginning and end
• Photos of riders with background of scenic areas, e.g. waterfront, mountain, city, train, etc
• Campers setting up tents
• Volunteers checking people in
• Volunteers directing activities (parking, camping, ride assembly, etc.)
• Campsites, preferably showing people
• Photos of riders riding, show riders’ faces where possible
• Photos of activities during special rides (train ride, garden rides, etc.)
• Shots during Expo activities (police demonstrations, navigation, etc.)
• Photos of entertainment (band, ice cream social, presenters)
• Photos of sponsors and their paraphernalia
• Photos of riders on the ride course, preferably a front or side view
• Photos during the meals
• Photos of club and vendor tables
• In general, any human interest photos which will convey the spirit and
feelings of people involved in the rally, especially concentrating on bicycling
• Lastly, use your imagination to determine what might be interesting or an
unusual angle or vantage point