Other Ride Events Terms

The Maine Bike Rally is happy to list other cycling events for a small price, a courtesy actually.  We”ll take your post and place it on our “Other Events” page in exchange for a listing of our rally on your website.  This is meant to be a co-marketing promotional opportunity.  If you have some other ideas let’s talk.

Send us your contact and event information, a thumbnail image (a separate attachment no larger than 150 x 150 pixels, jpg or png) along with a descriptive sentence or two.  Be sure to give us the link to drive folks to your site for all the details. 

The Maine Bike Rally is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  As such volunteer time is not always as fast as we would like it to be and that could be true of your organization too.  We think it reasonable to expect that we should have our mutual listings on each other’s site within 30 days of information transfer.

If after 30 days the information is not present on one or both sites an attempt to communicate as to why it didn’t happen will be in order.  Subsequently, if the mutual links are not established then it will be deemed reasonable to remove any information already posted.

Simply stated: We list for you, you list for us. If that doesn’t happen, we communicate and resolve, or we remove any listing(s).



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