Ride Host Duties

Before the ride you will be issued Contact Numbers. If you own a cell phone, please bring it.

Ride or drive route beforehand so you are familiar with the route and can check for any last minute need to reroute.

  1. Carry a basic tool kit and first aid kit provided by Maine Bike Rally.
  2. Do a roll call from ride sheet before ride.
  3. Review map and route highlights with riders.
  4. Review bicyclist safety information with riders:
    1. Follow vehicle rules of the road.
    2. Each individual rider is responsible for their own check of traffic at places where a yield is required.
    3. Indicate road hazards to cyclists behind.
    4. Make left turns from the left portion of the lane, or in the dedicated left turn lane.
    5. Look and yield before any lateral shift across the roadway.
    6. Communicate turns and stops.
  5. Review share-the-road information with riders:
    1. When traffic is moderate or heavy and the roadway lane is wide enough for motor vehicle overtaking within the lane, cyclists should single-up.
    2. When traffic is moderate or heavy and the roadway lane narrow, do not form long strung out lines of cyclists, even if single file. Cyclists should form platoons with enough space in between to create passing refuges. Overtaking traffic can then pass shorter groups of cyclists in stages. Riding in double file platoons to reduce the total number of platoons is an advanced group riding technique usually only done by individuals known to each other. Therefore, the Maine Bike Rally encourages single file platoons for this event. The Maine Bike Rally recommends platoons of 6 or less bicyclists in length.
  6. Make sure cyclists have their helmets.
  7. Ask cyclists to have ID on them.
  8. Ride sweep needs to be Last Rider
  9. Get into the proper roadway position early, approaching intersections. Take care that subsequent riders recognize confusing turns.
  10. Ask cyclists to check-in on return. Check that all riders are accounted for on list.